MCP Group
Partnership Shared Hosting


  As the technical consultancy and a subsidiary of MCP Group, MCP Team offers an affordable web service plan for the partners of MCP Group. The MCP Group Partnership Shared Hosting web service plan (or simply “P.S.H.”) includes basic domain management and web hosting services, using resources shared with MCP Group and its subsidiaries. Due to the limited resources, P.S.H. is meant to be used for low-traffic personal or small-scale projects that will not interfere with the operations of MCP Group and its subsidiaries.

  P.S.H. incurs a CAD $50.00 (plus applicable taxes) charge per subscription term on a yearly basis, and is fully managed by MCP Team despite the eligibility requirements set by MCP Group. Unlike other services provided by MCP Team, the charge is non-refundable due to its unprofitable nature, and subscriptions can be naturally terminated by non-renewal after the term.

Terms and Conditions

  During an active subscription, subscribers of P.S.H. are entitled to the following:

  • A Plesk user interface for managing certain provided services;
  • A primary domain with 10 respective subdomain(s);
  • A wildcard DV SSL/TLS certificate that covers the provided domain(s); 
  • Hosting of 10 websites using the provided domain(s) with WordPress or PHP/MySQL;
  • Hosting of 10 email addresses that forwards to external email address(es)

  The following limitations also apply:

  • The primary subdomain must first be approved by MCP Team;
  • MCP Team will assume ownership and root privileges of the primary domain and provided services;
    •  MCP Team must forfeit these rights within 30 days upon request if the subscription is inactive
  • Any downtimes experienced by MCP Team may also apply to P.S.H.;
  • Any activations of, or modifications to the provided services may need to be manually communicated;
  • Services under a subscription may be suspended if its resources used exceeds any of the following:
    • 10GB of total disk usage
    • 100GB of total traffic over any 30-day period
    • 1GHz of average CPU usage over any 10-minute period
    • 1GB of average RAM usage over any 10-minute period

  *The above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, and all rights are reserved by MCP Team.