MCP Royal™


  MCP Royal™ is a private invite-only subsidiary club of MCP Team™ serving a selective group of individuals and businesses.


  Membership of MCP Royal™​ is divided into Insiders and Outsiders, or otherwise classified below:

Royal™ Family
  • Administrator
  • Member
  • Submember
  • Associate
  • Visitor

[Insider] Owns and manages the entirety of MCP Royal™

  • Hon Leung [mcplayerteam]

[Insider] Highest of the standard membership status

  • [caralee]
  • [chinggltc]
  • [chrisleung]
  • [doriatang]
  • [heatherhills]
  • [karielee]
  • [latsyrc]
  • [tigercowying]
  • [moonlightbae]
  • [silundarnla]
  • [stephncy0204]
  • [winniencw]

[Insider] Sub-highest of the standard membership status

  • [cavewong]
  • [chaching]
  • [chowone]
  • [emilycfy]
  • [ericktang]
  • [erikalin]
  • [jackdavid12345]

[Insider] Approved associate of a member or submember

  • [sushixdd]

[Outsider] Temporarily approved associates of a member or submember

  • *Granted on-demand by-context
Royal™ Partnership Program
  • Subsidiary (Business)
  • Partner
  • Partner (Business)
  • Endorsement (Business)

[Insider] Owned and Operated by MCP Royal™

  • SyNAS [_presynas]
  • SplitBeast
  • JesusEI (Delayed to 2027)
  • CantoEnglish (Delayed to 2023)
  • The IRC (Delayed to 2022)

[Insider] Individual business partners with MCP Royal™

  • [kachan123]

[Insider] Business partners with MCP Royal™

[Outsider] Businesses that MCP Royal™ financially supports

*”Business” here refers to any organization entity with operations comparable to a business. Clients of MCP Team™ and businesses partnered with MCP Media™ are also not listed.