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Domain and Hosting


Standalone Service

A one-time service that covers the setup for a technology.

Not Available


Subscription Service

A monthly service that covers support for or provision of a specific technology.



Consultation Package

A monthly plan that covers support for most technologies.

Support Included

Web Hosting

 Your Online Homepage

  Websites, whether in static or dynamic forms, are the backbone of businesses online. Browsing a static website is technically an act of accessing a document online, typically in the form of an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) file, viewing it under the same principle a PDF file is rendered. A dynamic website, however, is provided with enough processing power and memory to prepare the document dynamically before viewing — this allows the document to be presented with user-specific data pulled from the database, offering an interactive environment for the implementer to work with.


CAD $4.99 / month
  • Xeon™ with 1GB Memory*
  • 8GB SSD + Backup
  • PHP with MySQL*
  • Shared Domain*
  • Email Redirect*
  • Plesk® Interface
  • Let's Encrypt SSL*
  • Suitable for Smaller Projects


CAD $39.99+ / month
  • Xeon™ with 4GB Memory*
  • 120GB SSD + Backup*
  • Most Infrastructures*
  • Domain Included*
  • Email Hosting
  • Plesk® Interface
  • Wildcard DigiCert® SSL*
  • Scalable for Larger Businesses