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Web Design (Development)


Standalone Service

A one-time service that covers the setup for a technology.



Subscription Service

A monthly service that covers support for or provision of a specific technology.

Not Available


Consultation Package

A monthly plan that covers support for most technologies.

Support Included


 Universal Standard

  Wordpress is the most popular website framework in the world. Using PHP and MySQL, WordPress coherently creates a user interface for users to create a website to their will.

PHP Development

 Universal Preprocessor

  Used by Google, Facebook and other websites as their primary web service codebase, PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most popular interactive web development language.


CAD $28.00 / hour
  • Asynchronous Tasking
  • Professionally Customized
  • Responsive Design*
  • eCommerce Available
  • Prerequisites Applicable
  • Suitable for Advanced Websites


CAD $36.00 / hour
  • Asynchronous Development
  • Experienced Developer
  • Cutting-Edge Codebase*
  • Highly Interactive
  • Prerequisites Applicable
  • Suitable for Specialized Websites