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Domain Management


Standalone Service

A one-time service that covers the setup for a technology.

Not Available


Subscription Service

A monthly service that covers support for or provision of a specific technology.



Consultation Package

A monthly plan that covers support for most technologies.

Support Included

Securing a Domain

  A web domain is a crucial part of any successful modern business. It is what makes your business look and feel like a real deal. Using a free embedded subdomain would render a business unprofessional, and could potentially drive customers away.

  Without a proper domain, websites and emails look illegitimate, effectively nullifying effort put into marketing. In fact, it is even recommended that in starting a business, a desired domain should be secured before even proceeding with the official registration. With proper management, you can acquire multiple domains to secure your brand, make use of subdomains to optimize your business operations, tinker with DNS records and configurations to professionalize your cloud-delivered services, etc; and we can help you achieve just that.

  A web domain is basically a username for your business on the Internet. It is usually selected to be [yourbusiness].com — for example, Google® uses as their primary domain. A domain usually includes the domain name and the top-level domain, where the top-level domain can also come with a second-level domain. The domain name is usually the name or abbreviation of the business; and the top-level domain is usually selected based on the application of domain itself, with second-level domain often used to distinguish its regional basis. 

SSL Certificates

  As technology advances, the bar on security has been raised. Throughout the previous decade, the web browsing protocol HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) has been slowly replaced by HTTPS — HTTP with SSL verification. This method encrypts the connection from end to end by a varying degree, making it significantly harder for attackers to grab hold of your information while you browse. As of today, most web browsers alert users of websites without valid SSL certificates, deeming them desirable for use. To ensure visitors have a good experience using your services online, setting up your SSL certificates correctly has become more of a necessity.

Configuration and Tricks

 DNS Records

  D.N.S., or Domain Name System, is a server hosting registries to resolve domains into direct IP addresses of servers where the data is actually hosted on. There are several types of DNS records serving different purposes, including web hosting, email and file access. A good DNS server can resolve domains quickly and reduce load times.

 Use of Subdomains

  Subdomain is an advanced way to segregate your website for different functions, and also a way to make certain services more easily accessible as a shortcut. For example, Google® chooses to be their Gmail™ service, while most services default to using the “ftp” subdomain for FTP access.


  If an address is resolved into a directory, records can be manipulated to statically and dynamically redirect users to as the implementer desires. The most notable method is the use of .htaccess file, where addresses can be rewritten for various functionalities.


CAD $20.00+ / year
  • Dedicated Domain*
  • Up to 999 Subdomains
  • SSL Certificate (DV)
  • Private Registration
  • 99.99% Uptime*
  • All-time Support*
  • Suitable for Business of any size