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Consultation Packages


Standalone Service

A one-time service that covers the setup for a technology.

Not Available


Subscription Service

A monthly service that covers support for or provision of a specific technology.

Not Available


Consultation Package

A monthly plan that covers support for most technologies.


Full Service Coverage

 Designated Technician

  Having trouble handling your technical needs? We got you covered. Without having to hire an entire team for a technical department in your business, we can help you maintain all of that for cheap. Talk to us so that we can learn about your technical needs, and we will assign you an agent (or a team) for you to consult about your technical needs on a daily basis. Upon request, your consultant will help you configure and maintain your technical services as instructed.

 Charged by the Hour

  Regardless of the nature of a task, all services are charged at the same rate prespecified on the agreement*. Via Officax® Team™ (coming soon), you can also manage and oversee tasks you’ve assigned.


Σℎ + CAD $200.00 / month
  • "ℎ" for Hourly Wage*
  • Assigned 1 Agent
  • Asynchronous Tasking
  • Prespecified Availability
  • Suitable for Medium-sized Businesses


Σℎ + CAD $300.00 / month
  • "ℎ" for Hourly Wage*
  • Assigned Team of Agents
  • Asynchronous Tasking
  • All-Time Availability
  • Suitable for Larger Businesses